TNA MPs, EPC councilors hold protest against erection of Buddha statue in Batticaloa

Batticaloa district parliamentarians of the Tamil National Alliance and the councilors of the Eastern Provincial Council (EPC) and members of the public held a demonstration on Wednesday morning against the construction of the statue of Lord Buddha at the entrance to the city in front of the Batticaloa Pi’l’laiyaar Koayil.

Protestors went in procession to Koayiladi holding placards and shouting slogans against the move to erect the Buddha statue.

They shouted slogans and carried placards stating ‚“What is the need for a Buddha statue where no Buddhist living in the city. Do not make Lord Buddha a symbol of anarchy”.

Members of the Batticaloa Pi’l’laiyaaradi Sri Pulavi Pillaiyar Koayil committee, Koththuk-ku’lam Sri Muthtumaraiamman Koayil committee and Pi’l’laiayaaradi Rural Development Society committee handed over a memorandum to the Batticaloa district TNA parliamentarian Mr.P.Selvarajah to be submitted to the Sri Lankan Government Agent of Batticaloa District.

Thereafter a delegation of TNA district parliamentarians and EPC councilors handed over the memorandum to the SL Government Agent and the ‘District Brigadier’ of the occupying Sri Lanka Army.

Batticaloa District TNA parliamentarians Messrs P.Selkvarajah P.Ariyanethran and C.Yogeswaran and EPC councilors K.Thurairajasingham, R.Thurairatnam, Jana Karunakaran, Prasanna Indrakumar, Nadarajah and Krishnapillai Vellimalai were in the delegation that met the SLGA and the ‘District Brigadier’ of the SLA.

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