Eezham Tamil refugees arrested in Trichy

Five Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka were arrested in Trichy on Sunday for allegedly planning to migrate to Australia through brokers, the PTI reported on Sunday. Citing police sources, the report said that the arrest was made by the Q Branch “who kept an eye on them” and that the police were on a hunt for the brokers. The Indian establishment which engages with the Sri Lankan government in facilitating and legitimizing genocidal conditions in the occupied homeland of the Eezham Tamils, is particularly cruel towards such refugees who are only seeking a chance for living, commented a Tamil Nadu activist working for the rights of the Eezham Tamil refugees.

Several Eezham Tamil refugees choose to flee to other countries from camps in Tamil Nadu not only owing to the sub-standard conditions of the camps, but also due frequent harassments by security forces.

Several protests have been made both by refugees in camps and by Tamil Nadu activists to improve living conditions in the camps and to stop criminalization of those forced to flee genocide.

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