Sinhala military takes up Buddhicisation of East

The Sinhala military occupying the East of the country of Eezham Tamils is directly engaged in Buddhicising the province, news sources in Batticaloa said, citing the mushrooming Buddha statues in the district in the recent times. Meanwhile, Tamil National Alliance parliamentarian Mr R. Thurairatnam said that an effort is now being undertaken to create permanent Buddhist establishments out of the improvised Buddhist shrines built in the SL military camps. Such shrines were ostensibly built for the ‘religious purposes’ of the occupying military and they could be found everywhere, as the Sinhala military is occupying every junction and other strategic locations.

Already small Buddhist temples have now come up at regular intervals in the Batticaloa –Colombo A4 Highway, right from Naavaladi Junction in Batticaloa to Punaanai at the border of the district, so that one who travels in the Batticaloa district will see only a ‘Buddhist’ district.

At Aaraiyampathi (Aaraip-pattai) in the Kaaththaan-kudi SL police division, the Sinhala military was earlier occupying a handloom mill, and it has planted a Bo-Tree and has built a Buddhist shrine there. Even after the military vacating the mill, the mill workers are unable to clear these structures and clean the place. The SL police intervened when they tried to remove them.

People in Baticaloa are disturbed and they are suspicious of the entire modus operandi, said Mr. Thurairatnam.

People come and complain that with the placement of every Buddha statue, bigger permanent Buddhist enclaves are planned and the SL military is behind the move, the parliamentarian said.

Tamils are not against Buddhism, but this kind of activities will disrupt communal harmony. The SL military should desist from such activities and the mushrooming statues in the traditional land of Tamils should be removed. We will not permit such cultural onslaught and the grab of our land through such activities, the parliamentarian further said.

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