Precendence setting determination by British court on SL Country guidance: Tamil lawyer

In an interview to TamilNet, Mr. Geetharthanan Kulasegaram, a Tamil lawyer based in the UK who assisted one of the solicitor firms in preparing material for UK’s Sri Lanka country guidance case, elaborated on the significance of the determination by the Immigration and Asylum Chamber of the Upper Tribunal in UK. Initially, the Home Office in the UK had tried to paint a picture of normalcy in Sri Lanka, basing on the findings of the report by Norway based Landinfo report. This was challenged and the recent ruling takes note of the ongoing oppression of Tamils in the island, especially ex-LTTE cadres.

Mr Kulasegaram, a lawyer with Jein Solicitors, assisted the Birnberg Peirce & Partners solicitors in preparing material for the Upper Tribunal ruling on the Sri Lanka country guidance case.

He added how some asylum seekers were forced by host countries to speak against the LTTE referring to some cases pending in the UK courts.

The latest ruling was “powerful and very influential” as it would determine how courts in the UK would deal with Eezham Tamil asylum seekers in future, Mr Kulasegaram further said.

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