Colombo engages in widespread Sinhalicisation of Mannaar: TNA-MP

The Colombo government is actively engaged in colonising around 6000 Sinhala families in the Mannaar district of the Northern Province, including its coastal areas, while it is not taking care of the resettlement of the Tamils and Muslims displaced by the war, accused Mr Selvam Adaikkalanathan, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Parliamentarian for Mannaar. The TNA may have to seek judicial remedy if the government is bent on bringing in Sinhalese without resettling people affected by the war, he further said. The TNA parliamentarian should first have the guts to mobilise the people to ask the USA, Co-Chairs, India and the UN that have asked the people to come into the barbed-wire camps, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island.

The Colombo government is deploying all sorts of tactics to colonise Sinhalese in Mannaar, while it shows lethargy in resettling Tamils and Muslims in their own land in the district, the TNA-MP said.

Genocidal Colombo is very systematic in colonising the Mannaar district, especially in snatching away the entire division Musali, bordering the North Central and North Western Provinces. The Sinhala colonisations are just parallel operations to Sinhala militarisation of the district, as in the case of the recent SL Naval enclave at Ma’richchukkaddi in the Mannaar district, political observers in the district said.

The Tamil politicians are not equally systematic in scientifically exposing what is happening in the region, in explaining to the masses what is happening, and in preparing the masses in knowing and facing the ultimate culprits, because they are forced to become the part of the agenda of the actual culprits, political observers in the district said.

This is not a domestic question. This is an international question. If the Tamil parliamentarians elected by the people are not going to project it in the proper way, who else are going to do it, ask the political observers.

The Tamil parliamentarians vaguely come out with statements accusing Colombo. It is a joke to harp on Sri Lanka’s judiciary on such matters. Everybody knows the interest taken by the genocidal State’s judiciary in politically delinking the geographically contiguous north and east of the territory of Eezham Tamils in the island, the observers said.

Rather than coming out with empty press statements, the Tamil parliamentarians could contribute better and produce better results, by mobilising the people to tell the message in no uncertain terms to the forces that are using the Colombo government as an agent, the observers further said.

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