SL military provides lands to Sinhalese in North ahead of PC elections

More than five hundred Sinhala families from the border villages of the Northern Province are being settled down within the Northern Province by the occupying Sinhala Army, which systematically violates the Land Development Ordinance and the Election Law, civil sources in Vavuniyaa said. One thousand and five hundred members of these families would be entitled to vote in the forthcoming election to the Northern Provincial Council that is scheduled to be held in September, media sources said.

The Sinhala families below the poverty line are selected from Padaviya, Parakramapura and Horowopottana areas are being settled down in the Northern Province.

Each Sinhala family is provided with two acres of land.

The Sinha (Lion) Regiment of the occupying Sri Lanka Army has undertaken the provision of basic amenities and materials for the construction of houses, the sources added.

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