Gajendrakumar explains why TNPF boycotts NPC elections

gkdefault Tamil National People’s Front (TNPF) leader Gajendrakumar Ponnampalam addressed a press meet in Jaffna on Tuesday, explaining why the TNPF totally boycotts the Northern Provincial Council elections held under the 13th Amendment of the unitary constitution of Sri Lanka. Rejecting rumours that the TNPF might support an independent group and a media report that the TNPF has shown green signal to the PC election, as misleading, Gajendrakumar said that the TNPF totally boycotts the election. We will not contest and under no circumstances we will support any independent group directly or indirectly, Gajendrakumar said, adding that let people decide with clarity what to do with the election.

The views expressed by Gajendrakumar at the press meet:

Ever since we came out of the TNA three and a half years ago, we have been firm on the position that unless there is a two-nation formula and approach to solutions, one could not save the Tamil nation in the island from genocide.

Some very important delegates coming from India had sternly told the TNA on 21st May 2009 that the TNA should accept the 13th Amendment as solution. Since then, step-by-step, the party that has Tamil nationalism in the name has started erasing Tamil Nation from Tamil polity.

They do it systematically. By making Tamils to willingly accept the 13th Amendment, the idea is to trap them and to confine all solutions within that.

The efforts to confine the Tamil polity within the 13th Amendment have now come to a climax.

We should not act in anyway to give recognition to the Provincial Council model, Gajendrakumar said.

* * *

A question was put to him that since the TNPF was earlier in favour of the TNA fielding an independent group, what is its position now towards such a move. Gajendrakumar respondend that the TNA has now decided to contest directly and it has also failed in contesting the election with a message rejecting the 13A.

Earlier the Civil Society members appealed to us and cautioned against SL government capturing the PC in the event of a TNA boycott. They also cautioned against possible regrets arising due to not using opportunities politically.

Then, as an alternative we suggested TNA fielding an independent group, to avoid giving recognition to the PC but at the same time to evade dangers.

We were prepared to support such a move.

We have told the TNA to face the elections with the message that the 13A is neither a beginning, nor an interim solution, and nor a final solution.

But this didn’t happen. They now contest officially. People should understand the situation with clarity and act, Gajendrakumar said.

* * *

The TNPF stand is a refreshing and much needed alternative to steer the future struggle of Eezham Tamils in the island, in Tamil Nadu and in the diaspora against all odds engineered by the powers, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island.

Rather than puppetry electoral polity with strings in the hands of our habitual adversaries, what we mostly need today is indigenous polity of our own to ideologically mobilise the masses to address to the face of our adversaries, the activists further said.

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