Occupying Sri Lanka Army threatens Tamil protesters in Batticaloa

The occupying Sri Lanka Army on Sunday threatened the Tamil residents of Maangkaadu and Kurukka’l-madam from participating in the protest march organized by the Tamil National Alliance against desecration of Saiva koayils. Troops of the occupying Sri Lanka Army visited every household and threatened the inmates not participate in protest march.

If the villagers attended the protest, they would face the same fate as that of the Sinhala residents of Welweriya in the Gampaha district where a student was shot dead by the SL military when the protestors ignored the ‘instructions’ of the ‘security forces’, the Sinhala military has warned the villagers in Batticaloa, residents said.

“The intimidation and threat carried out by the army against protestors made us to think that desecration of Saiva temples in Tamil villages in the Eastern province had been carried out by the Sri Lankan army and police“, TNA politician Mr. Selvarasa responded while addressing the participants of the protest.   He added that the TNA had held the protest march not against the police and the army but against the persons who carried out the desecration.

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