Erasing Tamil nation prioritized over political justice

“If India opens dialogue with moderate groups, extremists will be isolated and India can influence diaspora people for solution within a united Sri Lanka," said V. Suryanarayan of the New Delhi think tank, cited by The Times of India on Friday. In July, writing in The New Indian Express, the same person said “In order to allay Sinhalese apprehensions, iron-clad guarantees should be provided that devolution to provinces should not lead to demand for separation.” The explicit and unashamed priority in the heart of the academic and the Mumbai-New Delhi-Chennai-based media corporates in India, is to only negate at any cost the possibility of Eezham Tamils getting independence than delivering even paltry political justice, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island.

Aiming at dividing the solidarity between the Tamils in Tamil Nadu and Eezham Tamils in the diaspora, The Times of India writer S. Karthick began his feature on Friday by saying, “Breaking free from the thinking of pro-Eelam outfits in Tamil Nadu, leaders of the Tamil diaspora have taken an independent line to build bridges with the Indian government rather than confronting the Manmohan Singh regime over its stand on issues concerning Sri Lankan Tamils.”

In support, the feature was citing V. Rudrakumaran of the TGTE and V. Ravikumar of the BTF.

“Diaspora Tamils have been making all efforts to open diplomatic channels within the Indian government. Western countries have also advising these groups to keep close relationship with India, observers point out,” The Times of India feature said.

But according to Eezham Tamil political observers, New Delhi was making all efforts to hijack, lure, insinuate and intimidate the diaspora ever since May 2009, and was bent on creating dissensions within the diaspora.

Suggesting the diaspora to forget about Tamil Eelam, V. Suryanarayan, who was cited by The Times of India said, diaspora would love to influence India but India will not agree with TGTE’s Tamil Eelam concept.

A former Indian intelligence bigwig who was sent to visit the diaspora in London immediately after the war told the diaspora to count India out if the diaspora sticks to independence of Eezham Tamils.

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has been closely in touch with Indian government in recent years, The Times of India feature said.

How the TNA has been arrogantly told and intimidated to agree to the 13th Amendment of unitary Sri Lanka by New Delhi’s two gentlemen visiting Colombo on 21 May 2009 is of public knowledge today.

Ever since, the TNA has been hoodwinking its own people in dropping the foundations of the national question stage by stage to ultimately contest the hollow PC, without even a token rejection of it.

New Delhi is now expecting the same from the diaspora, observers said.

* * *

Professor V. Suryanarayan wrote another piece in New Indian Express on Thursday, in which he was applying the term ‘minority’ not only to Eezham Tamils but also to Tamils in Tamil Nadu.

The political Science product of JNU doesn’t have the heart to call the ancient formations in the subcontinent as nations. The question is that if Tamils in Tamil Nadu are ‘minorities’ then who is that ‘majority’ in India, asked Tamil activists in Chennai.

“Two illustrations, one a success story from India and second a tragic narrative from Sri Lanka, both relating to Tamil minority groups, hold important lessons,” Suryanarayan said.

While narrating the ‘success’ story of India, he didn’t fail to note how “Annadurai formally renounced secessionism after the Sino-Indian conflict and the promulgation of the 16th Amendment that proscribed secessionism and required all candidates to uphold the constitution and unity of the country.”

He was indirectly justifying the 6th Amendment of genocidal Sri Lanka that gags Tamils from voicing what is in their heart, and he also justifies his earlier statement on “iron clad guarantees” against Eezham Tamils claiming for independence, political observers said.

Suryanarayan was sanely preaching Colombo on ‘majority-minority’ formula, citing the ‘success’ story of India.

There is a long catalogue of atrocities committed and being committed by India on its nations and peoples. However, in magnitude and timespan, nothing is comparable for the genocide committed and being committed by the Sri Lankan State.

But Suryanarayan, his ilk of academics, Indian media and their government never had the honesty in pronouncing the genocide as genocide. Because the moment the genocide is pronounced, independence of Eezham Tamils has to be automatically conceded.

Intellectuals in India, especially in Tamil Nadu, have long been allowing writers like Cho Ramaswamy and Suryanarayan to articulate only a particular shade of biased opinion on the national question of Eezham Tamils without producing any alternative opinion reachable to the length and breath of India and outside.

Even after seeing this particular shade of opinion of decades contributing to one of the worst genocides in the recent history of humanity, there are media Establishments in India providing exclusive space for the continuity of this shade of opinion only. One has not seen the mainstream Indian media providing any space for alternative opinion or even substantial discussion on the question of the independence of Eezham Tamils. Of all the external affairs matters handled by Indian media, this happens only in the case of Eezham Tamils.

What is wrong if the Indian media opens up for a healthy discussion raising the question why should not Eezham Tamils get independence, asked the activists.

* * *

Tamil Nadu CM Ms J Jayalalithaa’s letter to Indian PM

Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Ms. Jayalalitaa in a strongly worded statement last week has said that India cannot consider Sri Lanka a ‘friendly’ country. She was telling this in the context of the fishermen issue of Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu may have to assert to address the issues of Eezham Tamils and Tamil Nadu fishermen not only to the New Delhi Establishment but also to the Establishments in Washington and London, as all are in the game, the activists in the island said, while welcoming the stand of Ms. Jayalalithaa.

Unless Tamil Nadu internationally asserts itself independent of the foreign policy of New Delhi in proving the geopolitical strength, justice will come neither to Eezham Tamils nor to fishermen of Tamil Nadu threatened by the Sinhala military pampered by all in the game, the activists further said.

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