Colombo occupies 5,000 acres of Tamil land in Trincomalee

Following a recent Gazette notification by Colombo’s Minister of ‘Land and Land Development’, a large area of 4,857 acres of lands are being acquired ‘for use of the government’. The area consists of private and public lands located in 8 villages. Most of the lands being seized by the occupying SL State are private lands belonging to Tamils. Several centuries old historic Aathi Koanesvaram koayil is situated at Koayiladi in Thampalakaamam village.

Lands located in Tamil villages Thampalakaamam Pattu, Puthuk-kudiyiruppu, Potkea’ni, Paddi-meadu, Koayiladi, Kugnchan-thidal, Naayamaar-thidal, Naduppa’ran-thidal, and Mu’l’liyadith-thidal have been acquired according to gazette notification.

Thampalakaamam Divisional Secretary has issued instruction to his officials to make arrangements to physically acquire those lands.

The entire land have been surveyed on the direction of the SL Surveyor General into 199 lots as per survey plan number TR/T.M.P./103 dated 19/12/2012.

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