Protests across Tamil Nadu condemn Indian participation in ‘Sri Lanka CHOGM’

Apart from a state-wide shutdown in Tamil Nadu called by the leading trader’s association, several political parties and grassroots movements on Tuesday staged protests across the state condemning the hosting of CHOGM in Sri Lanka and Indian participation in the same. Protests were reportedly intense in Chealam, Thiruppoor, Mathurai, Kadaloor and Naakarkoayil.

In Mathurai, MDMK General Secretary Vaiko along with hundreds of his supporters courted arrest on Tuesday.

Members of the Naam Thamizhar Kadchi demonstrated on the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border urging the Kerala government to join the people of Tamil Nadu for the cause of Eezham Tamils.

In Koayampuththoor, MDMK, Naam Thamizhar Kadchi, Thanthai Periyaar Dravidar Kazhagam, Viduthalai Chir’uththaika’l Kadchi, Manithaneaya Makka’l Kadchi spearheaded the protests.

Hundreds of women members of the Thamizhaka Vaazhvurimaik Kadchi, protesting against Indian participation in CHOGM, staged an “oppaari” for the brutal death of Isaipriya.

“Oppaari”, which literally means loud verbal lamentation, is a practise among subaltern Tamil folks where the women gather around the body of the deceased and mourn their loss.

Grassroots Tamil Nadu Muslim parties also participated in several of these protests in large numbers.

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