Genocidal population control victim’s father commits ‘suicide’

58-year-old Chinnasamy Rajaratnam from Ki’linochchi district was pronounced dead on Thursday after he was found dead hanging on an electricity wire on January 01. He was the father of 26-year-old Manjula Satheeskumar, who lost her life after the widely reported population control experiment carried out on three coastal villages in Vanni. Mr Rajaratnam was a key witness in an ongoing case on the death of his daughter and his statement was crucial to prove how the occupying SL authorities coerced the cooperation of the victims for what has been alleged as population control with genocidal intent. Manjula had received the injection of subdermal implant while she was pregnant.

Although some sources claim that Mr Rajaratnam has committed suicide as he was psychologically affected since the demise of her daughter, other sources claim that he was being subjected to psychological pressure from the Sri Lankan authorities, which were insisting him to give evidence against his conscience on the controversial contraceptive treatment to his 26-year-old daughter.

More than 50 women in the coastal villages of Valaip-paadu, Vearaavil and Kiraagnchi, were coerced into to taking Progestogen-only subdermal implants (POSDIs) on 31st August.

Later, the implant was removed from Manjula’s body, but after suffering from an infection, she lost her life on 30th November.

Mr Rajaratnam was highly disturbed by what had happened to his daughter. In the meantime, he has also been subjected to systematic harassment by the intelligence operatives of the occupying SL military.

The circumstances of his death need proper investigation. But, such scrutiny is not possible under the Sri Lankan State system, Tamil legal sources further said.

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