Journalists blocked from inspecting alleged massacre site in Trincomalee

Following the discovery of a human skull near Muttave’li playgrounds situated in front of the historic Thirukkoa’neasvarar shrine in Trincomalee on 13 February, the occupying SL military has been deployed at the site to hide the issue from the attention of media, journalists in Trincomalee said. Heavy vehicles that have been brought to the locality are reportedly engaged in removing the remaining traces, informed sources further said. The SL soldiers at the site have not allowed journalists to inspect the site.

The human skull was discovered when workers employed by the SL ministry of sports were drilling two wells near the playground.

In the meantime SL police in Trincomalee said that the skull found at the site belonged to an animal. However, it has been sent to China for forensic inspections the police claimed.

SL military has also deployed soldiers in civil cloth at the playground.

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