Armed men assault Tamil farmer, father of three reported missing in Ampaa’rai

A 54-year-old Tamil man from Thampiluvil in Ampaa’rai district is reported missing after he went herding cows on 25 March to Kagnchi-kudichchaa’ru is reported missing while his clothes were recovered and four men carrying automatic rifles assaulted a Tamil man, who went herding cattle at the same jungle on April 01. The attackers had bound the 37-year-old man to a tree and left the site into Paavaddaa jungle. The Tamil people, uprooted from Kanchi-kudichchaa’ru area say they are being threatened by the occupying Sri Lankan military which is trying to appropriate their lands for Sinhala colonisation.

The armed men armed with AK-47 type of automatic rifles, were in blue t-shirts, said Mahendran Samithamby, who was bound to a tree for around 2 hours till he was saved by sand scooping workers who were on their way in a tractor. He has made a complaint to the SL police at Thirukkoayil police station.

The 54-year-old man reported missing is Packiyarasa Paranirupasingam, a father of three from 2nd division on Aalaiyadi Road in Thampiluvil. He uses to herd his cows to Kagnchikudichchaa’ru and return in the evening.

When his relatives went searching him next day, they located some of his cloths and a small bag.

The assault on Mr Samithamby was reported 1 km close to the site where the cloths of Mr Packiyarasa were recovered.

The British-trained elite counter-insurgency commandos, known as Special Task Force (STF) together with the Sri Lankan Police and the Sri Lanka Army soldiers have been chasing the Tamil people away from their traditional villages in Kagnchi-kuddichchaa’ru after the end of war.

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