UK shields Sri Lanka’s genocidal rape committed on Tamils

Britain, which was actively in complicity with the genocidal war conducted without witnesses against Eezham Tamils, now in a global summit convened in London this week, shields the systematic genocidal rape committed on Tamil women too. The Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, organized by British Foreign Secretary William Hague and the high profile Special Envoy of UNHCR, Angelina Jolie, with delegations from 140 countries and ministers from 100 countries including the US Secretary of State, was highlighting the cases of all but the Tamils. “Regrettably, Foreign Secretary Hague has forgotten about the courageous survivors of sexual violence in Sri Lanka,” said Bianca Jagger.

“Sexual violence in Sri Lanka is not on the conference agenda. More than this, the Stabilization Unit Team of Experts, created by Mr Hague, has not been assigned to the country to investigate. The team is working on both ongoing (DR Congo, Syria) and historic (Libya, Bosnia, Rwanda) cases of sexual violence in conflict — and has recently expanded its remit to cover more countries including Burma… Yet Sri Lanka, where rape has been used as a weapon of war for many years of brutal civil conflict, is not being examined,” Bianca said in a feature appeared in Huff Post Impact on Wednesday.

“I am afraid that at the moment, the Sri Lankan survivors are still treated as "outcasts." They are being relegated to the edges of society. Their plight is being ignored by the support systems of the state — by the Agenda for the Summit and, I am afraid to say, by the UK government. As Mr Hague said in his opening statement to the Summit: ‘What would it say about Britain if we chose not to act — now that we know the facts, how can we turn aside? I would like Mr Hague to answer his own question,” Bianca said.

Meanwhile The Guardian on Tuesday highlighted Britain’s hypocrisy of convening the summit but sending back Tamil rape and torture victims to ‘Sri Lanka’.

“This week’s global summit to end sexual violence in conflict has its origins in a 2012 film Angelina Jolie made about the Bosnian war, called Land of Blood and Honey. William Hague was so shocked by the unflinching portrayal of the rape camps run by Serb forces that he suggested a partnership with Jolie to raise awareness about the widespread use of rape as a weapon of war,” The Guardian said.

“The object was to do something to curb it, by pursuing prosecutions and stepping up training, particularly of national contingents in peacekeeping forces, so that civilians would be protected against predatory soldiers. The Foreign Office has set up a team of experts, made up of more than 70 forensic, legal and investigate specialists, who have gone to six conflict or post-conflict zones across the world, including the Syrian borders, Libya, Bosnia and Mali,” The Guardian further said.

William_Hague_Angelina_Jolie Angelina Jolie and William Hague said in their joint article in the Sunday Times on the June 8, "It is in our power to remove rape as a weapon of war from the world’s arsenal of cruelty. And it is in our hands to treat victims not as social outcasts, but as courageous survivors."

However, in the case of Eezham Tamils, all the partners of genocidal Sri Lanka have decided to treat the Sinhala State as a ‘very special case’ and to encourage it to do whatever it likes in the imperialistic engineering in the island, political observers commented.

The current MI 6 chief and the then British representative at the UN Security Council, Sir Robert John Sawers said during the genocidal war that the LTTE was long blighting the Sri Lanka government.

Media exposure has now made Hague to announce that he would investigate the asylum seekers’ claims in the UK.

This is reluctant eyewash. Justice comes only when the Eezham case is investigated on a par with other global cases recognized for investigation.

The blame is not entirely on William Hague and Angelina Jolie. What the British Tamil diaspora articulators, known for their gullibility about the ‘virtues’ of the British Establishment, were doing, is the question.

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