SL presidential commission has failed to act on reports of 3,000 missing people

“No one is interested in getting compensation before establishing the truth of what had happened to his or her kith and kin reported missing. What the Sri Lankan regime attempts is to reduce the international impact of the reported complains through the SL presidential commission,” said Rev. Fr. E. Sebamalai blaming the commission for only wasting time and not acting upon the reports of over 3,000 complaints that had been already handed over to it. “This commission is also an eyewash move, as in the past, to buy time and escape from any international legal action,” he further said.

Fr. Sebalamalai said the international community should not waste time awaiting any response with this as this will also be like the so-called LRRC report, he said.

Commenting on the reports of Commission promoting to excavate mass graves of Muslims allegedly slain by Tamils in the East, the Catholic priest said the SL Commission had failed to act on already established mass graves found in Mullaiththeevu and Mannaar. One should look into all the mass graves without any bias, he said.

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