Tamil man dies at hospital, SL police shields traffic crime by SL Navy

A speeding tractor belonging to the Naayaa’ru camp of the occupying SL Navy in Mullaiththeevu on 02 August hit a motorbike causing serious injuries to two 24-year-old Eezham Tamil men from Mullaiththeevu. One of the victims, Arumukam Sivakumar from Chilaavaththai South of Mullaiththeevu district, succumbed to his injuries at Jaffna Teaching Hospital on Thursday after struggling for his life for four days. The victim is a father of two children. The SL Navy trooper who was riding the tractor and his fellow troopers in the trailer had run away into a nearby military camp after the accident, and they have not been ‘identified’ by the SL police.

Arumukam Sivakumar was recovered in unconscious state from the crash site, between the engine and the trailer.

The other youth, Parameswaran Sujeevan from Mullaiththeevu, has sustained serious injuries.

The SL police have also removed the vehicle from the crime scene, the residents in the area told TamilNet.

In the meantime, the parents of the Tamil youth are under pressure from the SL police not to seek legal action against the SL Navy. It is “counter-productive”, the parents have been ‘advised’ by the Sri Lankan police, which is an extended arm of the SL military Establishment in the occupied country of Eezham Tamils.

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