Corporate big-shot praises ‘Sri Lanka’ as an ‘emerging market’

Peter Kohli, the CEO of DMS Funds, in an article in NASDAQ on Tuesday praised Sri Lanka as an emerging market, encouraging foreign investment in the island. Mr. Kohli, an Indian by birth who runs a stock exchange company in the USA, further said that “Sri Lanka has put in place the necessary reforms and is on the road to continued rapid economic expansion”. The article, which expresses admiration for the expansion of the Sri Lanka’s economy post-2009, also provides advice to potential investors. Commenting on this, Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island said that as the genocidal grip of the Sinhala state in the occupied Tamil homeland intensifies, a parallel process of a global corporate-military interest in the island that has no concern for humanitarian issues is being exposed.

“Ceylon became independent in 1948, and eventually changed its name to Sri Lanka in 1972. The 1980s saw the outbreak of civil war, which lasted on and off for more than 20 years, and rent the country across ethnic lines. Finally, in 2009, the Tamil Tigers were defeated by the Sri Lankan Army and peace—albeit with remaining deep-seated resentments—has reigned ever since,” Mr. Kohli’s article said.

He then expressed his unhidden admiration for Sri Lanka’s ‘progress’.

“Still, during all this upheaval and time, Sri Lanka has managed to move its economy forward. In 1977, the government adopted a free market economy that has transformed Sri Lanka into one of the leading economies of the developing world, and lifted the standard of living and well-being of its entire population.”

It would be naive to assume that Mr. Kohli, the various corporate czars in the West, or India and China for that matter, are unaware of the situation in the island.

In fact, the genocidal-lascarine Sinhala military that occupies the Tamil homeland is a necessary and a valuable asset to these faces of economic and military imperialism.

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