Thousands of Tamil Nadu fishermen protest India’s apathy to their plight

Thousands of Tamil Nadu fishermen in Rameshwaram protested against India’s continued apathy to their plight and condemned BJP member Subramaniam Swamy for his remarks supporting the Sri Lanka Navy’s seizure of the boats of Tamil fishermen. In the demonstration organized outside Fisheries Department, the protesters burnt Swamy’s effigy and demanded an apology from him. Protests were held in other parts of Tamil Nadu as well on Thursday.

Thamizhaka Vaazhvurimaik Kadchi (TVK) cadres demonstrated in Panruti and Salem. Tamil activists also demonstrated in Nagapattinam.

While the Tamil Nadu BJP unit distanced itself from Subramanian Swamy’s remarks, Tamil Nadu activists questioned the duplicity of BJP’s foreign policy as regards Sri Lanka.

The BJP high command has sent a clear signal to the Tamils when it continues to hold Swamy, a person who is blatantly pro-Sri Lanka and defends its genocidal war on the Eezham Tamil nation, in such a high position in its ranks, they said.

Likewise, the BJP is also day by day becoming explicit in its commitment to defend unitary ‘Sri Lanka’ no matter what it costs the Eezham Tamils, they added.

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