SL military deploys intimidation, deception in East to suppress testimonies to OISL

The intelligence operatives of the occupying Sri Lankan military are exploiting the poverty-stricken Tamil youth from the temporary settlements of uprooted people from Champoor to spy on the activities going on among the uprooted people. The SL military, which has been providing alcohol and other drugs to the youth, have converted some of the young Tamils deprived of education and other facilities to work as spies for them. Former LTTE members have been two choices. They can either choose work for the SL military or face harassment from the SL military, the representatives of uprooted people in Ki’liveddi and Kaddai-pa’richchaan camps in Trincomalee told TamilNet.

The SL military has also deployed up to 10 intelligence operatives surrounding the houses of Tamil councillors who operate at the grassroots level. The notorious Sri Lankan ‘Terrorist’ Investigation Department (TID) operatives make threatening phone calls whenever there are NGO workers or other Tamil politicians making a visit to the houses of the Tamil councillors in Trincomalee district.

In the meantime, the SL military has also been instructing the government officials as well as the non-governmental organisations, rural society board members, trustees of temples and private education institutions not to invite Tamil National Alliance parliamentarians or councillors to the events.

The SL soldiers also enter the female-headed households during nights harassing the women, according to rural development society members in Kaddai-pa’richchaan.

Every time there is a session in Geneva, the people are harassed by the occupying military on the ground.

When the SL military seized the lands in Champoor, it had also taken into account the future pressure from the Eezham Tamils. It has therefore schemed minor areas ‘to be freed’ for re-settling the civilians in separate phases, giving an impression that people are being allowed to resettle, while keeping the large territory militarised, informed sources in Trincomalee said.

Both the Sinhala Government Agent of Trincomalee and a visiting SL Defence envoy from Colombo have given the impression that another small pocket could be released for civilians to resettle in Champoor region, while the fertile heartland and the coastal stretch are being transformed into a huge military installation, informed civil sources in Trincomalee city told TamilNet on Sunday.

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