Genocidal SL military becomes sole spokesperson of ‘human rights’

Thanks to Sydney University of Australia, the Sinhala military of Sri Lanka deployed on a genocidal-military experiment in the island by leading powers of the world has emerged as the monopolising force to speak on ‘human rights’ in the Asia Pacific region. At an international conference convened in Bangkok this week by the Sydney University along with Colombo University, invitations to two human rights organisations in the island were withdrawn at the request of the SL military. Further, the conference director had told the other delegates to avoid any confrontation with the SL military officials at the conference. Following, the Amnesty International had pulled out its delegation and there would be others too, The Guardian reported on last Friday.

The heart of the Sydney University project was ‘Sri Lanka’ and the approach was yielding in to the SL military.

“With about 130 people from across the region confirmed from the conference, it would be a disaster for all members of the Sri Lankan forces, who have been at the heart of the project, to withdraw,” said, Sydney University’s Associate Professor and conference director, Danielle Celermajer, reasoning her decision to withdraw invitations to two human rights organisations in the island and implying her priority in facilitating the military to be heard at the cost of the oppressed voices in the island.

“In fact, should they do so, [if the SL military withdraws] the conference would be unviable. Moreover, we believe that to insist that the NGOs come would place the CSHR [The Centre for the Study of Human Rights at the University of Colombo] and potentially those NGOs at risk of being punished for this decision,” the conference director has further stated, in a veiled intimidation.

The Sydney University defended the conference director, citing academic freedom, new and considered approaches, and ground-breaking research in intellectual and political breakthroughs.

The conference director’s statement itself is a valuable affidavit on the prevailing conditions in the island and on the futility of any SL military-accommodating international approach to the genocide in the island even if its twisted and diluted as mere ‘human rights’ of all in the island, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island.

The Sydney University’s stand on ‘ground-breaking’ research tells us on the genocidal military solution approach based on the Sri Lanka paradigm, envisaged for the whole Asia Pacific region by leading powers, State partners, funding sources and fund-enslaved universities and so-called intellectuals, the activists further said.

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