Colombo disproves functionality of 13A

Despite the tall claims of New Delhi and Washington on the effectiveness of the Provincial Council model under 13 Amendment of the unitary constitution of genocidal Sri Lanka, as a ‘starting point’ for the solution of national question in the island, the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) chief minister Mr. C. V. Wigneswaran himself on Friday has pointed out how the Rajapaksa regime in Colombo disproves the functionality of the 13A. In a letter to Mahinda Rajapaksa, the NPC-CM condemned the Colombo regime unilaterally convening a “Special District Development Meeting” on Monday for the 5 districts coming under the NPC, without consulting the provincial body or even informing it on the necessity and agenda of the “curious meeting.” The NPC decided not to attend the meeting.

PDF: Wigneswaran’s letter to Rajapaksa on 10 October 2014

“The fact that the NPC has been bypassed in this endeavour also highlights the practical impotency and hollowness of the 13th Amendment, as does the allocation and usage of funds to the NPC,” Wigneswaran said.

The NPC-CM brought out the issue of Colombo distributing land permits in the province to people of its own choice.

In urging Rajapaksa to fulfill his promises on 13+ to international community and the prime minister of India following the end of war, the NPC-CM said, “I expect the Government of India as the Guarantor of Tamil Interests in North East Province at the time of signing of the Indo Lanka Accord in July 1987, which paved the way for the Thirteenth Amendment, to actively participate and contribute in the negotiation process to enable the Tamil Speaking Peoples in the North East of Sri Lanka to live with dignity, peace and security.”

“We are no doubt aware of the limitations of a unitary constitution in this regard,” Wigneswaran further said.

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