Mannaar magistrate orders remand for 7 suspects in Nakuleswaran case

The Mannaar Magistrate Anananthy Kanagaratnam on Wednesday ordered 90 days remand for seven suspects, including the village officer (GS) of Ve’l’laangku’lam, who are under the custody of the Sri Lankan Police in connection with the investigations on the assassination of ex-LTTE member and former Tamil Eelam policeman Nakuleswaran in Ve’l’laang-ku’lam in Mannaar last month. The SL police has been trying to protect the real culprits who gave the orders and weapons to assassinate the Tamil activist, who was struggling for the resettlement of Tamil villagers of Eekam-kudiyiruppu (the settlement of sacrifice), the villagers complain.

The suspects were having close links with the occupying SL military and were involved in criminal activities in the area, the villagers say.

The GS was also working with the controversial SL minister Rishard Badurdeen from Mannaar.

Nakuleswaran was complaining about the illegal land seizure by the GS to all officials including the SL minister and the Divisional Secretary (DS).

The DS is being allegedly protected by the SL minister.

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