Sinhala prisoners threaten Tamil inmates in Anuradhapura prison

Nine political Tamil prisoners jailed in Anuradhapura prison complain harassments by criminal prisoners from South after they have been transferred since Saturday to cells where murder convicts stay, said Northern Provincial Councillor Ananthy Sasitharan citing a mother of one of the prisoners. The Tamil prisoners have alleged racial discrimination by an assistant jailor known as Upuldeniya and a Superintend of Police, Chandraratne, according to the families of the 9 prisoners in Anuradhapura prison.

Sinhala prisoners have subjected Tamil inmates to brutal attacks on several occasions in Anuradhapura prison.

The families of Tamil political prisoners are demanding immediate intervention by rights activists to secure the safety of their family members. The families have urged Tamil parliamentarians to come and visit them to witness their plight, the NPC councillor said.

Three months ago, in October 2014, the assistant jailor and Sinhala inmates in the Anuradhapura prison have brutally assaulted three Tamil political prisoners, one of them a pastor and another a 60-year-old man, causing serious injuries to them.

The racial attacks and harassments take place whenever Tamil prisoners complain of their condition within the prison to outside world, Ms Ananthy further said.

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