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Genocidal SL military threatens family of child rape victim in Jaffna

The family of a 11-year-old child, who was repeatedly raped by Sinhala soldiers of the occupying Sri Lanka Navy in the islet of Kaarai-nakar off Jaffna, has come under severe threat not to identify the soldiers, sources in Kaarai-nakar told TamilNet Friday. On Wednesday, the villagers of Oori, near the main naval base of the Sri Lanka Navy, captured a soldier after being identified by the child. The angered Tamil villagers demanded immediate arrest of the rapist Sinhala solider [...]

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The divisional secretary of Serunuwara in Trincomalee district has issued letters to more than 35 Tamil-speaking Muslim families to vacate their lands at Naavatkaadu (Selvanakar) village near Thoappoor. The Muslim families are residing in the lands with necessary papers for decades and they have engaged in agriculture in the lands since 1960. However, Colombo’s officials claim that 85 acres of lands were taken over by the SL State and declared as ‘Arachaeological Reserve’ already in 1962. Now the Muslims have [...]

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In the global geopolitical situation of today, China is gaining in ‘Sri Lanka’ by recognising its ‘potential’ and by not caring for the human rights yardstick, while the USA is falling behind by not doing so, was the message genocidal Sri Lanka wanted to convey in the USA through its ambassador and through a visiting parliamentarian and coordinating secretary to Mahinda Rajapaksa. If the island is allowed to continue any further under a single State that is congenitally genocidal, there [...]

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TID harasses Tamil journalist in Mannaar

The ‘Terrorist’ Investigation Division operated under the direct control of the Sri Lankan Defence Ministry has again harassed Tamil journalist S.R. Lambart from Mannaar, media sources in North said. The interrogators of genocidal SL military have been harassing the journalist to disclose his email password for the second time while claiming they had tapped a news story as originated from his email address.

The journalist was first interrogated by the Sri Lankan TID six months ago on 09 December 2013. [...]

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Condemning the invitation sent to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa for the Commonwealth Games to be held in Scotland later this month, several Tamil diaspora youth and student organizations sent a letter to Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond urging him to reconsider this decision. “We believe it is hypocritical of Scotland to advocate the right for independence through a referendum yet invite President Mahinda Rajapaksa to the Commonwealth Games, an alleged war criminal and perpetrator of genocide, who governs a [...]

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Around 1200 acres of land in the Trincomalee Town and Gravets division has recently been given to China on a long-term lease for ‘defence related development’ by genocidal Sri Lanka occupying the country of Eezham Tamils. An ‘agreement’ in this regard has been signed when Rajapaksa visited China, after Modi government coming to power in New Delhi, news sources in Trincomalee said. The stretch of land at the strategic China Bay area includes more than 20 warehouses that are in [...]

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The Tamil Civil Society Forum has handed over an appeal to Pope Francis on Sunday through Vatican’s diplomatic representative to the island, urging the Pope to openly call upon Colmbo Government to stop militarising and colonizing Tamil lands, to restore the troop presence in the North and East to pre-war levels, end violence against women, honestly address the problems of the disappeared and the abducted including Rev. Fathers T. N. Jim Brown and G. A. Frances Joseph, accelerate the process [...]

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“No one is interested in getting compensation before establishing the truth of what had happened to his or her kith and kin reported missing. What the Sri Lankan regime attempts is to reduce the international impact of the reported complains through the SL presidential commission,” said Rev. Fr. E. Sebamalai blaming the commission for only wasting time and not acting upon the reports of over 3,000 complaints that had been already handed over to it. “This commission is also an [...]

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Sri Lanka Keen on Home-Grown Solution to Ethnic Problem

Sri Lanka has sought India’s assistance to reach a consensus among political parties on a home-grown solution to the reconciliation process of all ethnic minorities, including Tamils.

External Affairs Minister G L Peiris, addressing a gathering in the central town of Kandy following his return from India, said his engagement with his Indian counterpart Sushma Swaraj had been fruitful.

Mr Peiris was in New Delhi on Wednesday and held talks with Ms Swaraj on an entire gamut of bilateral ties.

"I apprised [...]

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(The New Indian Express) PMK founder S Ramadoss has expressed shock and disappointment over the announcement of the Ministry of External Affairs that India will not support the UN inquiry into the war crimes committed during the final stages of the Lankan civil war.

He urged the NDA government not to continue in the same vein as the previous UPA government as far as the stance on the Sri Lankan issue is concerned.

Ramadoss’s statement to this effect came two days [...]

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BJP regime provides ‘benami’ economic benefits to genocidal Sri Lanka

Completely ignoring the unanimous demand of the Tamil Nadu assembly for India to boycot commercial ties with genocidal Sri Lanka, the Indian Minister of External Affairs, Ms Sushma Swaraj, has strengthened New Delhi’s ties with Colombo by promoting a $1bn garment-manufacturing town for Sri Lanka’s Garments Export industry in Visakhapatnam, a military cum strategic harbour city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The project will be serving the US and British corporate giants in the garment market such as Victoria’s [...]

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Terracotta artefacts of folk culture found in Mullaiththeevu

A large number of terracotta images and other artefacts in sherds were found at an agricultural land in Chinna-Poovarasang-ku’lam in the Mullaiththeevu district of the country of Eezham Tamils this week. The villagers handed over the artefacts found in the private land to occupying Sri Lanka’s ‘Government Agent’ in Vavuniyaa, who in turn deposited them at the local museum in Vavuniyaa. However, occupying Sri Lanka’s military intelligence was after everyone involved in the discovery as well as the site, sources [...]

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British State complicity in genocide of Eezham Tamils explored in new report

Phil Miller, a researcher for Corporate Watch in London, who gave expert evidence on ‘British State complicity in genocide of the Tamil people’ at the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Sri Lanka (Bremen Session), has brought out an updated report titled “Britain’s Dirty War against the Tamil people – 1979–2009” published by the International Human Rights Association Bremen. “This report draws on original research conducted at the UK National Archives and from Freedom of Information requests, as well as pooling together [...]

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Observing that the Sri Lanka army “cannot be separated from the wider political culture of entrenched Sinhala nationalism and militarism in which it exists” and the LTTE “was not a typical insurgency and is better considered as a de facto quasi-state with institutions covering taxation, policing, judiciary and public services”, it is unwise to consider the SLA as a counterinsurgency force, argues Rob Pinney, researcher at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. In a paper published on Small [...]

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Wigneswaran briefs Tamil journalists on meeting South African Envoy Ramaphosa

A South African delegation, comprising South Africa’s Special Envoy to Sri Lanka and South Sudan, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and Nomaindia Mfeketo, the deputy minister of South African International Relations and Cooperation, visited Jaffna on Tuesday and spent one hour with Northern Provincial Council (NPC) Chief Minister CV Wigneswaran. Addressing the press following his meeting with the South African delegation, Mr Wigneswaran said Mr Ramaphosa assured him that the ‘South African involvement’ would not be contradictory to the ‘political initiatives’ [...]