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Thanks to the sustained efforts of the Indian Consulate in Jaffna ‘interest in Hindi’ is sprouting among Jaffna Tamils, reports New Indian Express on Tuesday, citing ‘Hindi Diwas’ [Hindi Day] celebrated by the Consulate, 20 students completing a course and one of them telling that “There are now people who think it will be useful to know Hindi if they go to north India for studies or pilgrimage.” Eezham Tamils wish that the Chinese embassy would soon start teaching Mandarin [...]

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Funeral of veteran activist Manickasothy held in Uduvil, Jaffna

Hundreds of Eezham Tamils paid their last respects to veteran Eezham Tamil activist Abimannasingham Manickasothy on Wednesday at Uduvil in Jaffna. Mr Manickasothy passed away Monday night in a vehicle accident on his way to Jaffna from Colombo. Mr Manickasothy, who stood with his people throughout the Tamil struggle, has been articulating the political aspiration of Eezham Tamils in all available platforms. He has been a firm defender of Eezham Tamils right to self-determination for more than 30 years.

Mr Manickasothy [...]

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Thanks to Sydney University of Australia, the Sinhala military of Sri Lanka deployed on a genocidal-military experiment in the island by leading powers of the world has emerged as the monopolising force to speak on ‘human rights’ in the Asia Pacific region. At an international conference convened in Bangkok this week by the Sydney University along with Colombo University, invitations to two human rights organisations in the island were withdrawn at the request of the SL military. Further, the conference [...]

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Two dead bodies have washed ashore in Jaffna on Friday and Sunday and 59 fishermen from Tamil Nadu have been arrested by the occupying Sri Lanka Navy in Jaffna and Mannaar on Friday. One of the dead fishermen was identified as 40-year-old Gnanapirakasam from Rameswaram from a tattoo that depicted AIDMK’s "two leaves" party symbol. The other body washed ashore in Vadamaraadchi Munai on Sunday is yet to be identified. Four Tamil Nadu fishermen were reported [...]

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The intelligence operatives of the occupying Sri Lankan military are exploiting the poverty-stricken Tamil youth from the temporary settlements of uprooted people from Champoor to spy on the activities going on among the uprooted people. The SL military, which has been providing alcohol and other drugs to the youth, have converted some of the young Tamils deprived of education and other facilities to work as spies for them. Former LTTE members have been two choices. They can either choose work [...]

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Despite the action by Northern Provincial Council Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Irrigation and Environment in August this year in prohibiting excavation of sand from the coast of Vaaviyadi and Puthu-aattadi in Kokku’laay region in Vanni, the Colombo government and agents of Namal Rajapaksa, the son of SL president Mahinda Rajapaksa, have accelerated the excavation of mineral sands containing ilmenite and rutile, raw materials for manufacturing Titanium Dioxide. The SL government in Colombo has seized several acres of lands along the [...]

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Tamil politicians who met the British Deputy High Commissioner Lara Levis, who was on a trip to North and East, urged the diplomat to pass a message to her government and the international community to exert maximum pressure on Colombo to allow the Geneva-based OHCHR Investigation on Sri Lanka (OISL) to visit the homeland of Eelam Tamils in the North and East of the island. “The Deputy High Commissioner, who listened to our complaints on the human rights violations of [...]

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Powers may have double talk but those who struggle should not

"I am convinced that if Ukraine solved its domestic problems without the use of armed forces, without the bloodshed there over the past month, without the use of heavy artillery… this tragedy would not have happened," said Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu to visiting Malaysian defence minister Hishammuddin Hussein on Wednesday, while discussing MH 17 investigation. Whether Russia would speak in the same line and would advise its BRICS partners, especially New Delhi, to take the line in the investigation [...]

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The occupying Sri Lankan Police in Batticaloa on Tuesday blocked the 24th annual remembrance event of the victims of the brutal massacre of Chaththuruk-ko’ndaan massacre carried out by the Sri Lanka Army in 1990. Batticaloa District Magistrate Mr NMM Abdulla issued an injunction order prohibiting the remembrance event at the memorial site accepting the SL police version, legal sources in Batticaloa said.

Five infants, 42 children under ten, 85 women and 28 elders were among the 184 Eezham Tamil villagers [...]

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The military intelligence of occupying Sri Lanka has distributed more than 5,000 cell phones to selected Tamil civilians in former LTTE administered areas in Vaakarai and Paduvaan-karai regions of Batticaloa district in an attempt to convert the recipients of the SL military ‘gift’ into informants and collaborators. 3,000 of the mobile phones have been provided to women. In the meantime, ex-LTTE members are being harassed to report at the SL military camps and instructed to collaborate with the SL military [...]

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The officials of the occupying Sri Lanka have been harassing 8 uprooted Tamil families to vacate from their huts at the village of Shanthi-puram, situated in South Bar GS division of Mannaar DS division. The officials, under the instruction of Sinhala Government Agent of Mannaar District, have claimed that the land has been allocated for the construction of Buddhist vihara.

The families have refused to vacate the fertile land, where they have established their livelihood with access to water. The [...]

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The occupying Sri Lankan military has started to destroy properties situated inside the so-called ‘Economic’ zone in Champoor in Trincomalee district, news sources in Moothoor told TamilNet on Sunday. The houses and wells have been bulldozed to the ground in an occupied residential area near Champoor Sri Paththirakaa’li Amman temple within the last few days, according to the land-owners. The SL military has started to dismantle the remaining buildings in Champoor as they did in Valikaamam North in Jaffna, the [...]

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The international proscription of the LTTE only contributes to criminalizing the political struggle of the Tamils and facilitates increased oppression in their homeland, argues Chris Slee in an article published on the Green Left Weekly on Saturday. "These bans were imposed because the governments of these countries were opposed to the Tamil national liberation struggle. Most Tamils living in exile were sympathetic to the LTTE, seeing them as freedom fighters, not terrorists. The banning of the LTTE in various countries [...]

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Sri Lankan ‘Terrorist Investigation Department’, which receives direct instructions from SL presidential sibling and Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, in recent days has been monitoring, intimidating and ‘interrogating’ Eezham Tamil Catholic priests, who have been with their people in Vanni during and before the genocidal onslaught on Vanni. One of the six priests, who were detained in military-controlled barbed-wire camps in Menik Farm in 2009, Fr. A. Anton Stephen, was questioned by the TID officers at the Bishop’s House as the [...]

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Thousands of Tamil Nadu fishermen in Rameshwaram protested against India’s continued apathy to their plight and condemned BJP member Subramaniam Swamy for his remarks supporting the Sri Lanka Navy’s seizure of the boats of Tamil fishermen. In the demonstration organized outside Fisheries Department, the protesters burnt Swamy’s effigy and demanded an apology from him. Protests were held in other parts of Tamil Nadu as well on Thursday.

Thamizhaka Vaazhvurimaik Kadchi (TVK) cadres demonstrated in Panruti and Salem. Tamil activists also demonstrated [...]