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Earlier this month, re-inaugurating Colombo’s railway line to the occupied North, Mahinda Rajapaksa and the genocide line’s mastermind New Delhi, staged a ‘development’ show in Jaffna. On the same occasion, Rajapaksa also unveiled Colombo’s plans on converting the Nedun-theevu (Delft) Island off Jaffna and close to Tamil Nadu in the Palk Bay, into a Sinhala-Buddhist colony and military-commercial centre. While a leaked letter of the NPC chief minister Wigneswaran was harping on the functional unworkability of the NPC and the [...]

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57-year-old Sinnathamby Krishnarajah, who was detained by the Sri Lankan CID in Ki’linochchi on Saturday and taken to Vavuniyaa and from there to Colombo by the Sri Lankan Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) was arrested while he was copying forms from the Internet for producing affidavit about his daughter who was reported missing at the final stage, according his family. Tamil National Alliance (TNA) spokesman Suresh Premachandran and the Tamil National Peoples Front (TNPF) General Secretary Selvarajah Kajendren have urged the [...]

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The Government of Tamil Nadu should come forward to take a lead in the future in representing the aspirations of Eelam Tamils in the world arena in demanding justice for the genocide committed against the Eelam Tamils, Ananthy Sasitharan, a councillor from the Northern Provincial Council, has said in an interview to TamilNet Palaka’ni during her visit to Europe in September, when she made a submission in person to the OHCHR investigation on Sri Lanka. “We urge the Chief Minister [...]

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The SL military has arrested a Tamil man in Ki’linochchi, allegedly in possession of forms to be sent to the OHCHR Investigation on Sri Lanka (OISL) in Geneva on Saturday, according to reports from Vanni on Sunday. The SL Police has informed the family of Sinnathamby Krishnaraja from Ira’nai-maa-nakar in Muzhangkaavil that Mr Krisnarajah was being taken to Colombo for interrogations. As the deadline for submissions to OISL in nearing, the SL military has instructed the Internet café owners to [...]

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The occupying military in Jaffna and Vanni has been harassing the distributors of Ithu-Nam-Theasam monthly in recent days. Last week, a distributor of the paper was attacked at Uruththirapuram in Ki’linochchi district. The assault has come right after the distributor was interrogated at the military camp in Uruththirapuram, media sources in Jaffna said. A squad that followed him from assaulted him and dumped the papers into a reservoir. A systematic harassment of the distributors of the paper, which stands for [...]

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Requesting an investigation into genocide serves to ensure that all possible violations of international law are appropriately identified and explored. Needless to say such a request does not prejudice OISL’s investigation into other crimes including war crimes and crimes against humanity, said a statement from Tamil Civil Society Forum (TCSF) issued on Friday. "Tamils and their representatives also have a concomitant right to seek the intervention of the International Community to prevent and protect them from the commission of Genocide. [...]

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Citing systematic SL intimidation, Ananthy urges more time from OISL

Northern Provincial Council (NPC) councillor and a direct eyewitness to the genocidal onslaught on Eezham Tamils in Vanni in 2009, Ms Ananthy Sasitharan, on Thursday urged the OHRC Investigation on Sri Lanka (OISL) to give more time for the people on the ground to send their submissions to the OISL. Ms Ananthy has requested to extend the time for submissions by one month or at least to the extent possible, citing the intense atmosphere of intimidation, threats and attacks against [...]

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Genocidal Sri Lanka’s Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), a Sinhala-Buddhist fundamentalist organisation, has been received by India’s RSS, a partner in the ‘Hindutva’ Establishment in New Delhi, for ‘high level’ discussions to create a ‘Buddhist-Hindu’ alliance in South Asia, media reports said earlier this month. Obviously, the prime target of this move is the nation of Tamil-speaking people in the island, who are Saiva-Hindu, Christian and Muslim. While eyebrows are raised in several quarters over the unholy alliance, which is imperialist [...]

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Planted section in TNA detract genocide question of Eezham Tamils

When the majority of TNA members in the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) wanted the council to tell the world on the planned genocide and on-going genocide conducted by ‘Sri Lanka’ in the homeland of Eezham Tamils, a section planted in the TNA leadership to look after the interests of imperialisms, try to detract the whole genocidal dimensions of the plight of the nation of Eezham Tamils, said informed circles citing a 11-point explanation internally circulated by the so-called TNA leadership. [...]

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Land Commissioner in East threatens Tamil farmers of Thennai-maravadi

The Provincial Land Commissioner (PLC) of Eastern Province, Sirimewan Dharmasena, a Sinhalese, has been threatening the Tamil farmers of the ancient Tamil village of Thennai-maravadi in Kuchchcave’li division of Trincomalee district to share their lands with Sinhalese colonisers or face security threats at the hands of the Sinhala ‘home guards’ paramilitary. The threat comes after a series of meetings with the PLC on 12th, 24th and 30th of September 2014, the Tamil farmers from Kuchchave’li said. Thennai-maravadi is situated on [...]

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North East Secretariat on Human Rights (NESoHR), which was formed during the internationally mediated peace process as the Human Rights body of the Tamil Nation and functioned in the Tamil homeland from July 2004 till January 2009, has released its human rights reports from 2005 till January 2009. Given the current climate of investigation by the OHCHR on Sri Lanka these old NESoHR reports are published in a large single file with continuous page numbers and content pages for easy [...]

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Amidst the prevailing harassments against the journalists in the North, more than 40 journalists from Jaffna peninsula and Vanni mainland gathered at the Jaffna Press Club on Sunday marking the 14th death anniversary of Mylvaganam Nimalarajan, who was assassinated on 19 October 2000. The journalists also paid their tributes to the veteran journalist, Iya Sachchithanantham, who had recently passed away in Jaffna at the age of 64.

The editor of Puthiyavan daily published from Mannaar, Sivaharan, who delivered the special [...]

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Action needed in UK in converting legal victory into political victory: V. Koppe

“It is a legal victory, but obviously, it should also be won [as] a political victory. And this decision would be a perfect moment to start negotiations again,” said LTTE’s lawyer Victor Koppe, commenting on Thursday’s European Court of Justice (ECJ) judgement in the LTTE vs. EU case. For reasons not sure to him, Great Britain and the Netherlands, the former colonisers of the island, actively defended the LTTE ban in the case, the Amsterdam-based attorney said in an interview [...]

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The occupying military of genocidal Sri Lanka on Thursday turned back the country representative for United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) at Oamanthai military check post in Vavuniyaa citing the lack of SL Defence Ministry pass to travel to North, civil sources in Vavuniyaa said. Ms Beth Crawford, the FAO representative for Maldives and Sri Lanka, invited as Special Guest to attend the World Food Day event organised by the Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society (MPCS) in Ki’linochchi, was unable to [...]

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ECJ implies non-requirement of evidence in ‘terrorist’ classification: Tamil legal activist

What the European Court of Justice (ECJ) proves implicitly is that under European Law, you do not need evidence to classify a group as a ‘terrorist’ organisation, commented US-based Eezham Tamil legal activist, Mr Rajeev Sreetharan, who was one of the initiators of the LTTE vs EU case adjudged by the ECJ on Thursday. However, he added that the ECJ ruling, although tainted by questionable post 9/11 interpretations of international humanitarian law, in essence vindicates assumptions in deciding to challenge [...]