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Army closes in on LTTE’s main military bastion

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Sri Lankan forces on Saturday had entered the suburbs of the LTTE’s main military bastion of Mullaitivu in north-eastern Sri Lanka, the Defence Ministry said.


Units of the 59 Division are dominating the Nagacholai Reserve Forest and are “entering the suburbs” of Mullaitivu, the ministry said in its situation report.


In a three-pronged attack, the 591 Brigade, operating between South of Tanniyuttu and North of Alampil, took on the LTTE in the East and West of Kanukkernikulam, inflicting heavy casualties on the rebels. The troops cleared the area of 39 anti-personnel mines.


The 592 Brigade, operating on the Nedunkerni- Mullaitivu road, clashed with the LTTE at Koddankailu, and here again they inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy.


Meanwhile, the 593 Brigade was moving along the Mankulam-Mullaitivu road, code named A34, towards a key town called Mulliyaveli. Clashes on the way had resulted in the LTTE suffering heavily, the Defence Ministry said.


LTTE PLANNING TO HIT BACK: Meanwhile, in an interview to Switzerland- based Tamil bi-monthly ‘Nilavaram’, the LTTE’s political commissar, B Nadesan, said that the LTTE was not demoralised by the advances registered by the Sri Lankan armed forces.


“We are planning new strategies and will hit back at the appropriate time,” Nadesan said.


The “Sinhala nation” (which is the LTTE’s way of describing the Sri Lankan state) was aware that in the past, its victories had only resulted in defeats, he added.

According to Nadesan, the unanimous resolution of the Tamil Nadu Assembly calling for a ceasefire in Sri Lanka, amounted to a “recognition” of the Tamil struggle led by the LTTE. On LTTE’s relations with New Delhi, he said that the climate was now conducive for the “revival” of ties, which he claimed, were broken by the machinations of the “Sinhala nation.”


BID TO SEPARARTE TAMILS FROM LTTE DECRIED: Nadesan decried the tendency to distinguish between the Tamils and the LTTE, and separate the Tamils from the LTTE. Apparently reacting to US Ambassador Robert Blake’s call for an immediate political solution to isolate the LTTE from the Tamils, Nadesan said that the Tamils and the LTTE were one, as proved in election after election.


He claimed that the Tamil civilians in the war-zone were moving with the LTTE “on their own.”

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