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Leads on LTTE’s global ring

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Sri Lanka intelligence agencies, with help from Interpol, have unearthed vital information on the international network of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

According to the Sri Lankan Defence Ministry, information gathered from documents in the possession of an LTTE operative has helped intelligence agencies zero in on a few key LTTE operatives abroad.

The Ministry said the information related to LTTE activists engaged in human trafficking, arms smuggling and financial fraud based in East Asia, Western Europe, Canada and Africa.

It said that unless LTTE’s terror network abroad was broken, there could be no end to terrorist activities in the country and in the South Asian region and a fresh effort had been launched “to pin-down most wanted” LTTE terrorists.

“The Intel agencies are optimistic of cooperation by the governments [of countries] in which the terror suspects are in self-exile,” it said.

“Officials are moving ahead with more than just tight scrutiny on Sivarasa Pirundaban alias Achchudan alias Suresh, Bahitharan alias Bhavi, Narendran Rathnasabapathi alias Naren, Ganeshruban alias Ruban and Ponnaiah Anandarajah alias Aiyya alias Rajah and a few more LTTE activists who are connected to arms procurement, and shipping while posing as businessmen,” the Ministry said.

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