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EU concern over media harassment

[DailyMirror, Sunday, 1 July 2012 11:12 3 Comments]

The Heads of Mission of the European Union have noted with concern the action taken against the Sri Lanka Mirror and the Lanka news websites. Issuing a statement the European Union said Freedom of the media is a vital element in democratic societies and journalists must be able to carry out their legitimate work without fear of harassment or intimidation.

Any action intended to intimidate independent journalism and or limit freedom of expression is in contradiction to UN human rights standards.

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  • Swami Yagan said:

    Freedom of media is one of the safety indicators in a system of Democratic Society and helps the Government to put itself on the right path and inform the people, the direction the Government is leading to. Without proper media the people of a country will be kept in the dark and will lead a country to unforeseen future. A Government harasses media means that the Authorities in power are playing the people for its selfish intentions, and such Governments shouldn’t be allowed to continue unless it changes its intention of such behavior. I do see no purpose for a Government to harass a media when the Government is ruling the Country with just intentions and actions. Foreign Countries don’t mention these “harassing” till it reaches a certain limit and will not stay quiet afterwards. If the European Union is coming out with such concerns, the International Committee should wake up to this alert and act without any delay. Don’t expect the GOD to take action directly. God has created this world and has given the knowledge and power to the people. A country can build thousands of Churches, Mosques, Temples and Synagogues, but if the country try to bring hardships with intentions and to punish people for who they are, these Churches to Synagogues won’t serve any purpose but will be standing as Obstructions or Hiding places.
    God urges through me, as I am his instrument, for the one who reads this message, understands and take the right action.

  • Raja Perera said:

    Thank you EU for indicating that the Sri Lanka Government is violating UN Human Rights Standards. Are they sensitive enough to understand this, too thick skinned to feel or lack of this nerve in their system?

  • MG.Ram said:

    “போயும் போயும் மனிதனுக்கிந்த
    புத்தியைக் கொடுத்தானே! – இறைவன்
    புத்தியைக் கொடுத்தானே! – அதில்
    பொய்யும் புரட்டும் திருட்டும் கலந்து
    பூமியைக் கெடுத்தானே! – மனிதன் பூமியைக் கெடுத்தானே!”