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Peaceful student protest attacked by SL military in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 28 November 2012 12:07 One Comment]

Jaffna University students who boycotted classes on Wednesday and rallied in front of the university entrance Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. protesting against the SL military harassments inside the University premises on Tuesday on the occasion of Heroes Day, were brutally attacked by SL military commanders who had taken position on the road while the students were peacefully walking on a demonstration march.




The attacking SL military and police have taken four students into their custody. Following the violence leashed out by the Sri Lankan forces, the protesting students started to throw stones at the soldiers, demanding immediate release of the four students.

At least 10 students have sustained injuries.

The student leaders were urging international NGOs and foreign missions to witness how their peaceful protest was being brutally suppressed by the SL military.

The SL military had rounded up and attacked the student inmates inside the hostel Tuesday evening when the students lit the flame of sacrifice to remember the fallen Tamil heroes in the Tamil struggle.








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  • bennet said:

    very sad,,, in 21st centurary where we are talking about globalasation,unity etc,,, one governement killing,fighting thier own people,,, so is true really tamils in lanka are given equal right,,so if singla acts in this way may be another 1000 probharan will be born,then there wont be UN,or anybody to save Lankan acts,,,so please be kind and fullfill the needs of innocent tamils.