Nadia praises journalist’s song lyrics

Some years ago, every little item from clothes to cosmetics was a Nadia fashion. Now that she has made a comeback, we see that the affection for her remains unchanged


After ‘M Kumaran,’ ‘Thamirabarani’ and ‘Sandai,’ the film that Nadia chose particularly was ‘Pattalam’ produced by Lingusamy and directed by Rohan Krishna. He has worked as assistant to Priyadarshan and Santosh Sivan and his short film ‘Paramapadam’ has won awards for best director


Like the title suggests, hordes of youngsters make their debut in the film. Nadia plays a school correspondent/psychiatrist in the film. The director says ‘Pattalam’ is about a teacher who makes a model school out a gang of happy go lucky kids who know not a care and run riot happily. Jossy Gift composes the music; Na Muthukumarm Yugabarathy and journalist Nellai Bharati pen the lyrics.


The audio release of ‘Pattalam’ took place in Chennai today. Lingusamy said, “I’m an ardent fan of Nadia. Her acting is very natural. I was recently leaving in a hurry for a function. One channel was screening ‘Poove Poo Chudavaa.’ Instead of going out, I stayed back and enjoyed the whole film. She is such a fantastic actress and I’m so happy that I’m producing a film in which she is acting.”

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