Setbacks to Sri Lankan Army: LTTE

Sri Lanka’s Army on Sunday said at least 13 soldiers were killed, 16 missing and 34 injured due to clashes with the LTTE in Kilinochchi district.


A Defence Ministry statement said that 57th Division soldiers thwarted an LTTE counter-offensive launched north of Iranamadu, in a battle that lasted for 12 hours. “Intercepted terrorist radio transmission revealed heavy damages to the LTTE. North of Akkarayankulam, troops had a series of confrontations with the terrorists and claimed heavy damages to the terrorists. One soldier laid down his life while 5 others sustained injuries,’ it said.


Pro-LTTE TamilNet claimed the LTTE’s “counter-offensive units carried out a pre-emptive strike” on an Army offensive formation in Mu’rika’ndi-Ira’naimadu area, killing at least 60 soldiers. The military claimed Task Force-4 soldiers liberated Nadunkerni in Mullathivu.

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