Dailynews – ‘Silambattam’ vambu: Simbu faces case

image This was expected. With an irritant every few minutes and so many obscene dialogues, we have been expecting objections sooner or later and it has happened.

Mettupalayam lawyer Rahamatullah has filed a case against ‘Silambattam,’ in the debate created by the film. The list he cites for his filing the case, make our eyes pop out.

In the film, a lawyer is made fun of by being called TTR and in another scene, there’s a dialogue about tar being smeared on the backside of a lawyer. Obscene dialogues and actions add to the irritation.

The film shows a 6 year old boy stabbing many people to death. This would create notions of violence in young hearts, so the hero Simbu, director Saravanan and producer have to explain their motive, according to the case filed.

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