World socialists reject both US-backed resolution and Sri Lanka’s opposition

“The Obama administration is pushing the resolution as a means of pressuring the Rajapakse government to accommodate US interests and those of India […] At the same time, the Sri Lankan government has mounted a hysterical campaign at home against the supposed “international conspiracy” to tarnish the country’s name […] The bourgeois Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is likewise manoeuvring. It previously condemned the LLRC report, but now calls for the implementation of its recommendations—in line with Washington and New Delhi. The TNA is desperately seeking US and Indian backing for a “political solution”, from which it hopes to benefit […] The Socialist Equality Party rejects both the phony US-backed resolution and the Rajapakse government’s chauvinist campaign against it, said World Socialist Web Site on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka’s ‘socialist’ ploy and ambassador in Geneva, Tamara Kunanayakam was cited by Daily Mirror on Tuesday, accusing that the Western countries want only a ‘regime change’ in Sri Lanka.

“Over the past 10 years, the US has sought to impose the concept “responsibility to protect” or “R2P” to justify military interventions in countries where, according to them, the Government is unable to protect its own citizens,” she said.

“Like “terrorist States” or “rogue States”, the notion of “failed States” is part of a repertoire that, is used to justify interference in the internal affairs of sovereign States, but under an angelic and moralizing appearance,” she countered UK foreign minister referring to Sri Lanka as a failed state.

When the Rajapaksa regime with the abetment of the West twisted the war on terror paradigm to conduct a genocidal war against Eezham Tamils, the same diplomats worked for mobilising support, New generation Tamil political circles in the island pointed out.

Further comments from a Tamil political activist in the island:

The Colombo-based Tamil bourgeoisie, thinking in terms of preserving the Colombo-centric system and buttressing the genocidal state at any cost, was always there from Ramanathan to Lakshman Kadirgamar, despite seeing what the Sinhala bourgeois state used to behave later.

When the Sinhala bourgeoisie was indicted for the pogrom against Tamil Muslims of Puththa’lam in 1918, and the British imprisoned many of the Sinhala leaders, it was Sir P. Ramanathan who went to London to bailout them and to save the Colombo-elite system. But within a year the Colombo Tamils were politically ditched and were deprived of political representation. In addition, the Tamil Muslims to this day remember the treachery of the Tamil elite.

Lakshman Kadirgamar should have been alive to see the genocide his diplomatic mobilisation had led to.

Looking at the nations in the island from the illusions of Colombo has always pervaded the political realities.

World Socialist Web Site feature by Sarath Kumara rightly exposes the LLRC farce of the Colombo-centric state and its imperialist abetters, in contrast to what Tamara in the garb of socialism and anti-imperialism try to defend the agent state guilty of genocide. For that matter, it is not the Sri Lankan state, but it was the LTTE that has demonstrated an anti-imperialist paradigm in universally defending the plight of nations without state.

“Only the working class, in a unified struggle for a workers’ and peasants’ government and socialist policies, can defend the most basic democratic rights and address these horrific war crimes,” concludes Sarath Kumara.

The reality in the island is that even the working class needs parity, at least in self-respect, to come together. This is where the reality– the collective psyche of the affected nation – needs to be addressed as a priority, in ways appropriate to national questions, to pave way for to think of a united struggle in the region.

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