TNA welcomes Indian move

TNA parliamentarian Mavai Senadirajah commended Indias support towards the US led resolution at the UNHRC. “This decision taken by the government of India is most welcome because their role is very important in the efforts of national reconciliation and a lasting political solution for the ethnic problem” he said.

Senadirajah said that TNA is not against the country and the support for the move made by India is due to the impact it will have towards reconciliation. “ India is the biggest player in the region and it has a major role to play in supporting efforts of lasting peace in this country.

We believe that through this the government will be held to be more accountable towards keeping its promises to the world and to the people of this country” he said. Senadirajah however said that the TNA is yet to know as to the exact content of the proposed resolution.

“ we are yet to know the exact content of the resolution which is to be put before the council, but we believe that it would contain everything that is being debated on a national level in the country which will help give lasting and sustainable peace to the country” he said. (Hafeel Farisz)

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