Sri Lanka urges India to rethink on war crimes resolution

Sri Lanka India(indiatoday)  A day after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced India’s inclination to vote against Sri Lanka, Colombo said it’s shattered by New Delhi’s call.

Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister G.L. Peiris has asked India to review its decision.

Peiris spoke to External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna from Geneva requesting him to change India’s decision. Peiris told Krishna that it was "shattered" that a close friend like India had decided to vote against Sri Lanka. He said this may prompt some other countries to vote against the Island nation.

Sources told Headlines Today that Krishna told Peiris that India had taken a considered view before making the announcement.

Manmohan Singh had made the announcement on the floor of Parliament as India believed that Sri Lanka needed to take urgent steps on alleged human rights violations committed by the Sri Lankan forces.

The 47-member UNHRC is set to vote on the resolution introduced by the US on alleged war crimes during the campaign against the LTTE.

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