Rights activist flays Centre for ‘war against people’

Human rights activist Kavita Srivastava on Sunday flayed the Centre for “waging war against its own people” who dared to challenge its policies, whether it pertained to the pledging away of natural resources to corporate interests or the commissioning of nuclear power plant against the will of the local community.

Addressing a public meeting on “State Lawlessness and Impunity—Threat to Democracy and Human Rights” hosted by the People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Ms. Srivastava who is PUCL national secretary said what caused great concern was the way the Indian State ran its two wars, one against Maoism under which it sweepingly abused powers to pick up virtually anyone, and the other against terrorism which served to target ordinary people from the Muslim minority.

M.A. Sumanthiran, MP of the Tamil National Alliance in Sri Lanka, hailed the voice of the people of Tamil Nadu that prompted the Indian Government to vote for the UN resolution against Sri Lanka.

Much more support would be required from all quarters to reclaim democracy in Sri Lanka, where successive regimes had a history of failing to honour agreements or keep their word.

Anti-nuclear activist S. P. Udayakumar, speaking over a cellphone call from Idinthakarai, vowed to continue the agitation in spite of police cordons preventing more supporters of the stir from approaching the area.

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