Cheran’s ‘Neon Nagaram’

image Cheran, who took a break from wielding the megaphone due to his acting and other commitments, is at it again. He will start his new directorial venture soon and it will be based on a musical novel, titled ‘Neon Nagaram’.

The novel by Paadhai, a Chennai-based band, revolves around music plagiarism and the impact it has on the industry and professionals. It was Cheran who released the novel recently, during which he expressed his desire to make it as a movie.

"Cheran will soon start the project. He was waiting for the re-release of Vengayam (that’s releasing as Gayam), as the Bharathi Kannamma filmmaker, who acquired its distribution rights, was fully busy promoting it," say sources in the know.

Shammeer and Shiva, the brains behind ‘Neon Nagaram’ novel, are associated with Cheran in penning the script. Members of the cast and crew are yet to be finalized, sources add.

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