Dhanush And Shruthi Thrilled By Kamal’s Advise

image Kamal Haasan is very busy with Viswaroopam and is completely wrapped up in post-production work. He was supposed to be in Los Angeles last week on work and was very disappointed that he would miss the release of his daughter, Shruti’s film, 3 directed by Aishwarya Dhanush. Hearing about this, Dhanush arranged a very special screening for Kamal Haasan and his daughter.

The legend became very emotional on seeing the film and he hugged Shruti. He said that though everyone said that Shruti takes after her mother, Sarika, he saw a lot of himself in her and this was obvious in 3. Kamal also praised Dhanush and offered some useful suggestions to ensure the success of the Hindi version. He suggested that Dhanush do away with the distinctly South Indian elements in the film, so that the North Indian audience will identify with it. Dhanush and Shruti were thrilled with his feedback and tips.

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