Headless Remains Of Heroine Found

image The Allahabad police claimed that they found the decomposed remains of what appears to be Bollywood starlet, Minakshi Thapa though the DNA results are awaited. The severed head has not yet been traced. The remains were found in the water tank of a building. The chief suspects are junior film artists, Amitkumar Jaiswal (36) and Preeti Surin (26) who have been missing from last month.

Police said that the accused who are from Uttar Pradesh met the victim on the sets of Heroine, Madhur Bandarkar’s film with Kareena Kapoor in which she had landed a small part. They had believed that the Nepalese national who had recently moved from Dehradun to Mumbai was from a rich family and the plan was to kidnap her and hold her for ransom. Accordingly they lured her to UP on March 12th, with the promise of a part in a film. When they discovered that her parents would not be able to pay the ransom of about Rs 15 lakhs, they decided to kill her.

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