Militarisation of southern South Asia centres-around Sri Lanka’s genocidal military

While the Indian parliamentary delegation, boycotted by Tamil Nadu political parties but made up of imperial minded Congress, BJP and CPI-M, has winded up its tour in the island hoodwinking Tamils, the New Delhi Establishment has embarked upon recognising the genocidal Sinhala military for conducting a joint naval exercise in the waters off Maldives. The Coast Guards of the “three friendly countries,” India, Sri Lanka and Maldives have to ensure the safety and security of the Indian Ocean for all seafarers, the SL Navy was cited bragging by The Times of India, Monday. Knowing that the true face of New Delhi is for militarisation, Mahinda Rajapaksa blatantly rejected the call to withdraw the Sinhala military occupying the country of Eezham Tamils.

Despite the authoritative pretensions of Sushma Swaraj in tone and content in her public deliberations, the Indian delegation made only a meek submission to the great Rajapaksa on demilitarisation of the Tamil North and East of the island.

“We have noted the assurance given by the Government of Sri Lanka in Parliament that it will ensure the withdrawal of security forces from community life and confine their role to security matters,” the delegation’s statement on Saturday didn’t oppose the ‘security operations’ of the occupying genocidal military.

What is seen from the delegation’s statement is that the demilitarization topic was put in the mildest possible way, that too citing only the LLRC recommendations.

“Reduction of high security zones, return of private lands by the military and demilitarization, including phasing out of the involvement of the security forces in civilian activities and restoration of civilian administration in the Northern Province,” were some of the topics figured in the discussions, according to the statement.

But Mahinda Rajapaksa didn’t respond to even the mildest requests of the delegation.

“Sri Lanka’s President has rejected a call by Indian legislators to withdraw soldiers from the island’s former war zone in the north,” AFP reported Monday, citing SL presidential spokesman Bandula Jayasekera speaking on Sunday.

According to AFP, this was told to the face of the visiting legislators.

The delegation met Rajapaksa on Saturday at the end of its six-day tour.

Meanwhile, the Indian Navy took the Sri Lankan Navy along with it to join the Maldivian Coast Guard in a joint naval exercise of five days conducted by six warships off the Maldivian coast.

Sri Lankan Navy’s offshore patrol vessel SLNS Sagara has set sailed to take part in the war games. This is the first time that Lankan coast guards are taking part in such a joint exercise, The Times of India said.

In the meantime, both New Delhi and Colombo are engaged in a ‘joint political exercise’ to blunt the public uprising in Tamil Nadu through deception and by the ‘edification’ of the public on the ‘virtues’ of the LLRC recommendations, suspect political circles in Tamil Nadu witnessing the campaign of the delegation returnees, especially Dr. Natchiappan of the Congress and Rangarajan of the CPI-M.

How could India that desperately depends on a blatantly genocidal military for building up a regional security system, be trusted in delivering justice to Eezham Tamils, ask civil and political circles in the country of Eezham Tamils that have witnessed the treachery of New Delhi for 25 years since 1987.

Similar to the behaviour of India, timing its practical recognition of the genocidal Sinhala military after sending a deceptive delegation discussing demilitarisation, the USA enacted a resolution in the UNHRC confining solutions to the LLRC recommendations, immediately following which it announced removal of barriers for the sale of US arms to the Sinhala military.

In recent times the peaceful people of Maldives are highly worried about the escalating militarisation in their country. Political observers in the Maldives say that the Rajapaksa regime, its meddling and its Sinhala military plays a major role in setting inspirations in the recent trends of militarisation of regime in the Maldives.

Former Maldivian president Gayoom made a surprising visit to Rajapaksa last week, while the deposed president Nasheed in the patronage of Rajapaksa is on a secret visit to New Delhi.

Despite political changes, the Maldivian government stood steadfast with Rajapaksa in Geneva.

India and the USA readily recognized the changes in the Maldives for fear of China making advantages, diplomatic circles in the Maldives said.

Rajapaksa and his genocidal Sinhala military is pivotal for militarisation of the entire region of southern South Asia, and the powers fall in line as the people of the region has not risen up to check it.

Tamil Nadu and Kerala should help the rest of the people in the region in this respect, but articulating sections of the elite of the two states, sections of their media, academics working for intelligence outfits and imperialists in the garb of Marxists play the worst treachery to the region, commented new generation political circles of Eezham Tamils.

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