Ex-LTTE female cadre harassed by SLA commits suicide in ‘resettlement’ camp

A senior female ex-cadre of the LTTE, ‘rehabilitated’ and ‘released’ recently by the genocidal SL military has self-immolated herself Thursday night in Polika’ndi in Vadmaraadchi inside a closed room at the camp for resettlement-seeking people. The deceased, 38-year-old Suganthy Sivalingam, had been member of the LTTE for more than 15 years and was serving in the LTTE medics after she sustained serious injury in a combat operation in 1999. She was engaged in medical services during the final days of the war in Vanni. Suganthy, who was mentally strong, was seen depressed and physically ill on the day of the suicide, the family said. Informed sources further said that the SL military had subjected the victim to mental torture in their ‘rehabilitation’ detention.

The international community, including India that have abetted the Sinhala state in the genocidal war, continue to follow a policy of leaving the Eezham Tamil ex-liberation fighters in the hands of the genocidal Sinhala military, causing the inhuman treatment meted out to them with international tolerance, human rights activists in Jaffna accused.

It is quite natural for the genocidal Sinhala military to treat ex-Eezham Tamil liberation fighters in inhuman ways. But it is an abnormal crime on the part of certain countries of the IC and India to facilitate such a situation, the activists further said.

UK was one of the countries that were directly involved in ‘funding’ the process of SLA’s handling of ex-LTTE cadres.

On Thursday, Suganthy had burnt herself with kerosene oil within a closed room.

At the time of her death, she was living with her parents at the resettlement camp at Paalaavi in Polika’ndi.

Suganthy’s suicide comes at a time when former LTTE members are subjected to harassment and abductions by the SL military.

Within the last 7 days, three former members of the LTTE, released after ‘rehabilitation’ by the SL military, have been abducted at Kamparmalai, informed civil sources said.

The families of the victims have been threatened not to disclose any details of the abduction or reveal their names to media.

The modes operandi of the SLA is not releasing those who were ‘abducted’ for ‘inquiries’ if the families complain or news stories appear on media on their abductions.

Accordingly, there was no complaint with the SL Human Rights Commission or with the Police on the latest abductions of the former LTTE members, journalists said.

However, whether complaints are made or not, not a single ex-LTTE member abducted after being released have returned alive, news sources point out.

But, parents hoping for the best, are reluctant to file complaints fearing that they would endanger the lives of their sons and daughters, held incommunicado at undisclosed locations by the SL military.

The entire apparatus of the occupying SLA and its intelligence, which has no combat role after May 2009, focus their energy on surveillance and harassment of former ex-LTTE members ‘rehabilitated’ and ‘released’ by the SL military.

The military has also told the ex-members of the LTTE that if they get arrested at the airport while leaving the island, they would never return alive.

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