Tribute to Comrade Minister Roy Padayachie

05 May 2012

Tribute to Comrade Minister Roy PadayachieTribute to Comrade Minister Roy Padayachie

It is with unbearable shock and profound sadness that we learn of Comrade Minister Radhakrishna (Roy) Padayachie‏’s passing away. He has been a champion of humanity and devoted his life to helping the poorest and most oppressed. His death is truly a great loss to his family, his people and those lives he has touched all over the world with his vision, dedication and compassion.

As President Zuma has said so eloquently, "It is sadly a great measure of his dedication and personality that he was to meet his destiny and fate in pursuance of a better Africa and a better world, a goal he dedicated his entire life for it to be realised and achieved".

Comrade Roy has been an ardent supporter of our own struggle for peace with justice and equality in Sri Lanka. He has pressed upon us his shared experiences and understanding of South Africa’s struggle for freedom and the importance that truth, reconciliation and accountability have in building a better future.

We are truly grateful and honoured for the support Minister Padayachie has given to the Global Tamil Forum (GTF). It was a distinct honour for our organisation to be invited to participate in the African National Congress’ centennial celebrations earlier this year.

We can only hope that his family will be able to console their grief knowing that Comrade Roy was not only a great man but a hardworking activist, selfless humanitarian, a freedom fighter and a defender of those less fortunate. As a valued friend of GTF, Tamils in Sri Lanka and Tamils all over world, he will be greatly missed.

As president of GTF and also as a personal friend, I pray for this gracious soul to rest in eternal peace.

Rev. Dr. S.J. Emmanuel                                    


Global Tamil Forum

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