Rajinikanth Is Age Conscious?

image Rajnikanth, whom his fans believe can do the impossible, doesn’t want to do what is really possible by even an amateur in the industry- to romance a girl. Just imagine who wouldn’t want to romance a beauty like Deepika Padukone. Starting from the smallest star to the most powerful star would queue up to romance her, but not the Superstar.

If reports are to be believed, Rajinikanth had made a request to his daughter Soundarya, to keep the number of romance sequences to the minimum. It seems that he feels bad to romance a girl half of his age. The incident is said to have happened when Saroj Khan, the film’s choreographer had composed a dance sequence that involved moves very rich in romance. 

Initially, when he was planning to do Rana, he had objected to bring in Sonakshi Sinha as the film’s heroine as he felt it wouldn’t be nice to romance the daughter of his very good friend Shatrughan Sinha.

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