Colombo in full swing to cover up culprits of Canadian citizen’s murder

The occupying Sri Lankan military in Ki’linochchi is making every effort to cover up the culprits of the brutal killing of Canadian Tamil citizen who was struggling to get his business properties back from the SL military in Ki’linochhci, informed civil sources in the town told TamilNet Saturday. The intelligence officers of the occupying SL military are now attempting to pass the blame of the slaying of the property owner on petty criminals. The latest move has come to light this week when the military ‘investigators’ were attempting to book some petty criminals for the killing, forging documents that they were former combatants of the LTTE. In the meantime, SL District Judge for Ki’linochchi S. Sivakumar has been made aware that the slain victim had a quarrel with the occupying military a day before his killing, the sources further said.

The slain Eezham Tamil victim Andrew Mahendrarajah Anthonippillai, who has been struggling to get back his properties from the SL military in Ki’linochchi town, was also fighting to get electricity supply to his newly built house. The day before his murder, he has been to the nearby military camp and had a quarrel with the military officers there, the sources further said.

The Ceylon Electricity Board officials in Ki’lnochchi had told the victim that he needed to have a ‘clearance paper’ from the SL military before getting electricity.

Mahendrarasa was the owner of 8 commercially valuable buildings in line in the town. Some of these shops have been appropriated by the SL military and leased to a Colombo-based business corporate Cargills Food City.

The remains of slain victim were handed over to the relatives after they signed a document stating that they didn’t ‘suspect’ anyone for the crime. The document was handed over to the SL District Judge for Ki’linochchi before releasing the remains of the victim to the relatives. This has been a practice also in earlier cases, including the ‘Trinco Five’ massacre, which has now received wide international attention. The SL judiciary was long known to require such statements before releasing the dead bodies to the relatives and family members of the victims.

Legal sources in Ki’linochchi said the latest case would also be a testing ground for the District Judge.

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