India’s Marxist Communist Party calls for withdrawal of Sri Lanka military

The Marxist Communist Party of India (CPI-M) in a press release on Wednesday called for immediate withdrawal of the Sri Lanka military stationed in Tamil areas of the island. In one of the five resolutions passed at the state committee meeting of the party held at Ealakiri in Tamil Nadu last Sunday, it was decided to urge the Indian government to diplomatically pressurize Sri Lanka to withdraw the troops. Observing that the SL military is intimidatingly omnipresent in the Tamil areas, the CPI-M said that it strongly condemns the stand of Mahinda Rajapaksa not to withdraw the troops. It only shows that the Sri Lanka government is not interested in resolving the Tamil question, the press release further said.

Eezham Tamil political observers in the island, welcoming the call of the CPI-M, said that the Rajapaksa regime would not be ruffled by rhetoric, when its militarisation aimed at structural genocide and annihilation of Eezham Tamils as a nation, is fully backed by the powers, particularly by the New Delhi Establishment that has entered into ‘military to military’ relationship with Colombo after the war.

The very foundation to the encouragement given to the genocidal state is the unconditional assurance given to its unity and territorial integrity. The CPI-M consistently contributed to this assurance. When such is the guarantee, any regime in Colombo would only say pooh-pooh to the call to withdraw military, in the name of sovereignty. Not surprisingly the Colombo regime is only expanding and hurriedly making its Sinhala military installations permanent in the North and East, Tamil political observers pointed out.

According to them, casual resolutions with a blind eye to fundamentals may help to tide off public anger and discontent in the rank and files of the party, but it will not bring in any results to the affected people.

Another new military dimension pointed out by the observers in the island is the release of the genocide general Sarath Fonseka, reportedly at the insistence of the USA and the so-called international community. This will further militarize politics in the island the observers said.

One of the first statements made by the released general was that the SL military committed no mistakes. During the war he said that Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhalese, and he also dubbed the politicians of Tamil Nadu as jokers.

If right steps and ideological positions are not taken at right times, there would be no military withdrawal but militarisation would only become an irreversible ‘ground reality’, the observers cautioned.

The Marxists all over the world has a duty in course-correcting powers and the international community when they are making mistakes universally affecting humanity.

The experiment collectively undertaken for the first time by all the powers to commit genocide to protect an agent state, could be stopped from pervading globally only by vesting the affected people with the right to protection and right to self determination.

Genuine Marxists concerned about peoples’ reconciliation cannot be naïve at ‘militarized reconciliation’ in other words structural genocide experimented in the island. They should work for a chance to provide democratic reconciliation by separating the nations in the island to suit the chronic realities and then by encouraging the nations to peacefully rediscover unity or co-existence in the island or in a larger regional framework. No other solution would work when military is exclusive to one nation and the other is completely deprived of it, the Tamil political observers in the island commented.

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