Jiiva works with Bruce Lee & Jackie Chan’s stunt man!

image Jiiva‘s ‘Mugamoodi’ is getting bigger with each passing day. The latest is that Jiiva is working with renowned stunt man Tony Leung Siu Hung who has worked with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan!

Tony Leung Siu Hung, a stunt coordinator from Hong Kong, has joined the climax shoot of the film that’s being canned in a massive scale at Karaikal. The climax sees Jiiva and his villain, Narain, in a high voltage action sequence. Tony might work on few other scenes of the film as well.
"This fight scene is based on Wing Tsun, it’s a close combat fight Tony specializes in.  It’s more of fight choreography and Tony is working hard to teach it to us in the easiest way and to get the best out of us. He has worked with great action heroes and makes it a point not to stress us but only impart his knowledge on the craft in a smooth way", says an ecstatic Jiiva.
Produced by UTV Motion Pictures, ‘Mugamoodi’ by Mysskin has Jiiva and Pooja Hegde in the lead roles. The movie is the first of its series as the makers have planned it as a sequel.

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