UNP claims ‘economy militarised’

The UNP claimed today that the countries economy has been ‘militarized’. Speaking at a news conference UNP MP Dr. Harsha De Silva said that the “economic management of the country has been completely militarized”“The Central Bank yesterday had issued notice to all banks not to sell the rupee above a certain price, there was no spot market during yesterdays trading due to this” he said,.

De Silva went onto point out that the budget deficit is continuously increasing and the in order to cut on the deficit the government has only two options. “The government has only two options to decrease the deficit and they are either to borrow money or to increase taxes” he said.

De Silva said that the governments’ reluctance to decrease prices of goods that have fallen down in the global market is due to this. “Sugar, Petrol and Diesel are all goods that the world market has witnessed a certain amount of decrease but the government is not willing to give this benefit to the people falsely claiming – stability of price- due to this growing budget deficit” he said. (H.F& N.C)

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