Eastern Province Muslims won’t support Govt: UNP

The main opposition, UNP charged today that the government had lost its support from the Muslim community in the Eastern Province.

The UNP said the government was planning to get the Muslim parties to form an alliance with it in an attempt to garner votes at the forthcoming PC elections.

UNP Kegalle district MP Kabir Hashim told a news conference that some parties with vested interest and some religious organisations have requested Muslim parties to unite and all this was a part of a devious plan so the government could obtain the votes of the Muslim community.

“We have noticed some parties with vested interest, some religious leaders and organisations requesting Muslim parties to unite. Although this is a good, we see a devious plan behind the move. It is clear they are not representing Muslim interests, but are actually seeking to gain political mileage in the Eastern province,” he said.

The UNP claimed that when the Muslims faced difficulties, it was UNP which supported the community and no one else. (Yohan Perera & Nishan Casseem)

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