Australian action defying UN bares ICE’s continued war with Eezham Tamils

The International Community of Establishments that architected a genocidal war against the nation of Eezham Tamils, worked out a barbed-wire incarceration of people and then facilitated an open prison at the ratio of one Sinhala soldier to five Tamil civilians on one hand and an internationally legitimised LLRC on the other to complete the subjugation and structural genocide, being continued to be at war with Eezham Tamils is evidenced by a recent Australian deportation of a Tamil man into the hands of the genocidal Colombo, Tamil activists in Australia said. While the high profile deportation, defying a rare UN intervention on behalf of the victim, evokes suspicions about the intention of collaborating agencies outsmarting the UN norms, the general idea is to make every Eezham Tamil submissive to the genocidal state and regime in the island, the activists further said.

The Tamil asylum seeker Mr. Dayan Anthony deported from Australia via Thailand was investigated at Colombo for 16 hours and his whereabouts are now not known to his supporters, Australian media reports said.

The UN human rights commissioner in Geneva had sent the urgent request to the Australian embassy in Thailand early yesterday morning in the hope of getting the man off a plane in Bangkok while on the way back to Colombo, The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) said on Friday.

But the Australians coming out with an excuse of “timing and practicalities” said that the UN request didn’t come out with anything new that they had not considered.

SMH cited a human rights lawyer, Phil Lynch, who said that it appeared to be the first time Australia had defied a UN request of this type, which are issued only rarely.

The victim could have approached the Australian High Court, but according to SMH an apparently faulty fax machine at the Maribyrnong detention centre, where the man had been held before his deportation, had stopped him sending a letter authorising his lawyers to act on Monday and Tuesday.

Sri Lanka has turned the forced deportation into a propaganda triumph to boast the country has never been more safe, the SMH said Saturday.

Mr. Anthony has now been made to tell reporters in Colombo that his claims in Australia about his LTTE membership and the torture he had undergone were lies.

His name, photograph and a Colombo’s arrest warrant on him were earlier in the news in Sri Lanka, SMH reported Friday.

Meanwhile, Swiss authorities are sending a squad of officials to Colombo to investigate former LTTE cadres in the custody of Rajapaksa regime about funds collected for the struggle.

Apart from Switzerland, officials in the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands are also conducting investigations on the Tamil Tigers, said Chinese news agency Xinhua, reporting Colombo’s version of Swiss investigations on Friday.

Thousands of the former LTTE cadres, most of who are in injured conditions, and their families who escaped into Tamil Nadu are regularly rounded up by New Delhi’s intelligence agencies. Their living conditions and future are pathetic, reports from Tamil Nadu said.

Having no recognition as prisoners of war, the cadres made to surrender undergo all kinds of humiliation, torture and disappearances in the hands of the genocidal Sinhala military. UK is one of the countries that sponsor such ‘rehabilitation’ by the Sinhala military.

Thirst for any Tamil blood with self-respect is not quenched in any of them yet, commented a civil activist in the island, adding on the fallacy of the polity among sections of Tamils gullible in their ‘engagements’.

Meanwhile, media reports are flooded with news on ‘investment’: from the Japanese re-entering into the island to over a hundred Indian entrepreneurs coming for a showdown.

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