Ananya married?

image Ananya’s father Gopalakrishnan has said his daughter had left the home in the last week of April. "I came to know from others that she entered wedlock with Anjaneyan in Tirupati," said Gopalakrishnan.

The ‘Nadodigal’ and ‘Engeyum Eppodhum’ actress was engaged to Anjaneyan some months ago. However, immediately after the betrothal, her father filed a police complaint that Anjaneyan was already married and he hid the truth. But Gopalakrishnan had to withdraw the complaint, following ‘pressure from Ananya’.

And now, Gopalakrishnan has said in an interview, "We are worried a lot that Ananya had left us. I came to know that she is currently living in a flat at Ernakulam. I tried my best to stop her marriage with Anjaneyan, but could not."

Stating that he did not know before the engagement that Anjaneyan was already married, Gopalakrishnan said, "We are not against Ananya’s wish. All that we wanted was that she should lead a happy and hassle free life."

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